Taina was a sitcom created by Maria Perez-Brown for TeenNick. I served as head writer and Executive Producer along with Ms. Perez-Brown.

Premise: Taina Morales was a teenager with big show business dreams who enrolled in the School of the Arts to learn her craft. The stories were centered on her misadventures as she tried to accelerate the pace of becoming a star and wade through the ups and downs of life with her friends/peers. Taina’s family were also a big part of her life, trying to instill the traditions of her Puerto Rican heritage while also letting her thrive as a normal America teenager.

Taina ran for two seasons. The first season was shot at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida. The second season was produced at Nickelodeon Studios, Hollywood.

On a personal note, this show was a joy and a pleasure to work on. The cast and crew were all lovely people and of course, getting to work again with my ace, Maria Perez-Brown was fantastic. Quite a few personal/personnel issues plagued the show and politics played a big part in the cancelation which, in my opinion, was shortsighted judging from the fans who still praise and look fondly on the production to this day. IMG_3090


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