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Welcome to my author page. I was born in Wilson, North Carolina, raised in Brooklyn, York, lived in Los Angeles for 17 years (while writing for television) and I now reside in Wilmington, NC with my family.

I love reading, movies, television, board games and performing–yes, that’s right, I’m an actor, too! I figure, you only live once, so do the things that excite you now, or as soon as possible. Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something new is the best way to add excitement to your life. That’s how MANGO DELIGHT, my first middle grade novel was born.


This is where the “magic” happens. Most of the time when a writer reveals his/her workspace, it is all spruced up, dusted, organized and clean. Since I’m dedicating myself to “keeping it 100” with you, I’ve chosen to show you what my workspace really looks like most days. It’s a cluttered mess! But it is my sanctuary. My own space in the home I share with my husband and daughter and our dog, Makayla. I don’t always do all of my writing here; sometimes I write at the kitchen table, or in my bedroom or at a library or coffee shop when I need a change of pace/scenery. At times, when I’m not sure exactly what to write, or the witches of doubt catch up to me, I avoid this space like the plague.

I believe we all (writers and other creatives) go through periods where we stall out and aren’t sure of the next step to take. That is when I take a cooling off period. I try to find a good book to read, some great movies to watch. I get out of the house, visit with a friend or go to a museum or the theatre, do things and visit places and people I enjoy. These activities help get me out of myself, recharge my imagination battery and lead me back to a point where I can see the forest and the trees and find my way back to my desk.


  1. Lydia Kellicker says:

    Omg Mango Delight is my fave book right now. I read it all in one day, it is that good. I am having lots of friendship problems, but it makes my problems seem much smaller. Thank you for writing this book, and please keep writing, you are a true artist with words.


    • fracaswell says:

      Dear Lydia, Thank you so much for your kinds words. It means so much to me to hear from readers like you, especially to hear that Mango Delights’ problems have helped you put yours in perspective. Again, thank you writing! Share the book with your friends and keep in touch! Best, Cas Hyman


  2. Khadijah says:

    I need help on what kind of topics you write about. I need this information because I am doing a book report on your book mango delight its a great book please reply


    • fracaswell says:

      Hi Khadijah, nice to meet you and thank you for reading and enjoying MANGO DELIGHT. I am in the middle of writing the second book in the series.
      I like writing “realistic” fiction as opposed to sci-fi or fantasy, (which I would probably write if I were better at it 😂) I like to explore “matters of the heart,” whether it has to do with growing up, friendship, relationships, or just making sense of how people struggle to be sane in a crazy world. Sometimes people, like Mango, do the wrong things for the right reasons and have to figure out what kind of person they really want to be. I like writing about that kind of topic, because I believe it is something that we all deal with at some point in our lives.
      I hope that answers your question. If not, hit me up and I will try to clarify. I really appreciate your reaching out and I wish you well with your report. Best, Cas


  3. Freeman says:

    Hello there! Mr. Hyman I found you through gullah gullah island I didn’t know you wrote all this stuff! my hat goes off to you!


  4. Dolf Berle says:

    Fracaswell, 42 years ago we acted together at Shakespeare and Company. I will never forget our street duel during the parade in Lenox, MA. I will also never forget your kindness and positive spirit. I wish you well and hope that your spirit stays strong through all these years. You made a difference in my life by your example.

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