55CB52AD-E7F5-4E21-A2AA-9ED3F39219B0Has it really been a couple of years since I’ve updated my website? That’s unacceptable and I promise to do better from now on. There really is no excuse, except I’ve been extremely, luckily, joyfully and gratefully BUSY!!! (I’ll fill you in on all that in the next post!)

First things first, as you can see, a new Mango Delight story, SUMMER IN THE CITY,  is slated to be in bookstores on March 3rd, 2020! I’m excited about this story. Mango leaves the confines of middle school and heads to New York City to star in an off-off-off-off broadway production of Yo, Romeo! Not to worry, her friends; Izzy, TJ and Hailey Joanne are still a part of the adventure, but she also gets to meet new friends and foes along the way.

When I first presented the idea for this story to my publisher, I got a little push back. They felt readers would want Mango to stay in her familiar school environment where they first met her. I don’t believe that is true. To my mind, if you truly like a character, you will follow her/him wherever they go. I know I would. Mango Delight was always intended to follow a young girl on the road to fulfilling her show business dreams, while giving readers a glimpse of the hard work and pit falls that come when you set out to become a star. Thankfully, my editor at the time aided me in convincing the publishers to let me take Mango (and the readers) out of her comfort zone so she could test her wings and fly.

SUMMER IN THE CITY is book two of three Mango Delight stories. At this point, as the finished book is in the hands of the printers, I’m daydreaming, jotting down notes, filtering ideas, relaxing and tuning in to Mango’s heart, mind and desires. These are the steps I take while plotting her next adventure. It’s a fertile, vibrant and sometimes frustrating process, but ultimately rewarding.

I hope you enjoy SUMMER IN THE CITY. Write to me. Let me know what you think of the new book and what you’ve been up to. I love hearing from you and respond to every query.




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