A6178228-6620-4D5E-9FAA-5AF86F65EAC1.jpegI was honored to be invited to participate in the 17th Annual African American Cultural Celebration in Raliegh, NC. It was held at the North Carolina Museum of History. What a great event it turned out to be. There were crowds of people everywhere, music, exhibits, panel discussions, food, it was incredible!

I was a part of the LITERATURE and the SPOKEN WORD celebration. I did a PowerPoint presentation in the Demonstration Gallery, (a lovely, intimate space) from 1-1:30 pm. Kelly Starlings Lyons was my contact person and she and her team did an exquisite job of making my daughter and myself feel comfortable and welcome.

I really enjoy presenting to different groups. I created a PowerPoint just for the occasion and its a lot of fun for me to get up and start running my mouth. But the bottom line, the intention that I meditate on throughout the day, is to inspire, empower and encourage my audiences to cherish their creativity and never give up on their dreams. If I can do the things that I’ve done in life, so can they. Its just a matter of sticking to your goals, not stopping yourself if you mess up, learn from it and keep it moving!

People in the audience purchased quite a few copies of MANGO DELIGHT. This made me happy. The best part was signing books and getting to look people in the eye and tell them how much I appreciate their support. There was one family from Turkey that recently immigrated to the U.S. The dad, mom and three daughters were exceptionally charming, and I was heartened that they chose to read my book as a way of learning about a young girl’s life in America. Fantastic! Makes it all worthwhile!

As you can see from the picture above, my dad, stepmother and my daughter were with me and it was nice to have them see me do my thing for the very first time. I hope to do more of these presentations around the country…around the world even!


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