I’ve had some lovely firsts in my career. I can remember the first time I appeared onstage in a high school production of “The Apple Tree.” (Actually, I don’t really remember that one all that well…so long ago.)

I do remember the first time I saw my name on television as the creator of “The Famous Jett Jackson.” I was alone in my home in Los Angeles when the show premiered on The Disney Channel. It was excited to see “Created by Fracaswell Hyman” on TV for the first time. I hyperventilated a bit and had to go sit outside to catch my breath.  But the other day I had just as big a thrill with the arrival of 20 copies of MANGO DELIGHT dropped on my porch by UPS.

IMG_9324If it weren’t for the barking of our Schnoodle, Makayla, the box may have sat on the front porch for a couple of days. We usually enter and exit the house through the garage. Anyway, opening the box and seeing all the books, smelling all the books, picking up and flipping through the pages of the books, it was all another milestone that I will never forget.

I’m filled with gratitude and actually astounded that this character that appeared to me one morning in the midst of waking up is now a real book. I can’t wait for people to read it. And when you do, please drop me a line and let me know what you think, and what kind of adventures you’d like to see Mango experience next time.




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